A Blog Devoted To One Outer Mission Intersection

My new favorite blog is Mission and Highland, a whole blog devoted to life at the intersection of Mission Street and Highland Avenue, at the absolute southernmost tip of what you might still call the Outer Mission.

The most recent post features this photo of a phone pole being chainsawed down. Badass.


Shooting at Mission and Highland

10 thoughts on “A Blog Devoted To One Outer Mission Intersection”

  1. hey it’s my neighborhood!

    has anyone ever gotten their shoes shined by that guy (there’s a picture of his sign on that blog) that offers shoeshines out of his garage? unfortunately i don’t have any shine-able shoes.

  2. Not to nitpick, but to nitpick, most people (including Craigslist) consider the Outer Mission to be a far flung area around Crocker Amazon and Excelsior, that doesn’t border “The Mission” at all. Mission and Highland is in The Mission or Bernal.

  3. Thanks for pimping the blog.

    And, yes Mark. I have gotten my shoes signed in that guy’s garage. He used to shine shoes downtown. Now he’s retired. He’s owned that home for like 40 years.

  4. I think that same guy made a whole album of songs inspired by that intersection, named Mission & Highland.

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