Brand New Mission Hotspot: Magic Curry Kart

Came across the following tweet by katherine: “magic curry kart inaugural night – linda at 19th. future mission hotspot. $5 recession red & green curry”(Link). We contacted her friend NatalieHG who provided us with clarification and the above photo:

Debut last night- Brian has 2 woks & gas burners on a burningman cart. Green or red, chicken or tofu, cooked to order! @deadend of linda st. […] last night was debut/trial.

Click photo to view photo page. We trust katherine or Natalie or somebody will be in touch if and when the kart schedules another appearance. Thanks, all!

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7 Comments on “Brand New Mission Hotspot: Magic Curry Kart”

  1. piscesproject Says:

    I was there for the first run of the Magic Curry Kart and it was pretty tasty….the curry is real-deal traditional thai curry and the portions are ridiculously large as well as piping hot as he makes them to order….word is it will be every friday night at linda and 19th and roaming the neighborhood from there….

  2. NatalieHG Says:

    Also he may be trying to serve Thai iced tea & water, otherwise it’s BYOB. He’s using a vegetarian fish sauce and coconut milk, so the vegetarian version is truly veg. and by default vegan.

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