Wrong Outfit For Biking?


Fashionist thinks so, but I’m not so sure. Sure it’s nice to be unencumbered while cycling, but you also have to look good, and sometimes that means being encumbered. Link.

6 thoughts on “Wrong Outfit For Biking?”

  1. i’ll clarify, she needs at least a pass thru bike. a bike with a bar will force her to make the dress ride up. decisions: do you flash the world with your undies, have a bike that works with your outfit, or change your outfit? i’m prudent if anything.

  2. Who wears undies?
    Listen, if I hafta wear a helmet for protection the wind is damn well gonna run through some hair. That’s right you heard it. 70s shag carpeting. No hardwood floors.

  3. He should have taken the bus. It’s just too much for the guy to ride a bike with a wig, fake boobs, and a long dress.

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