A Pickle


This one presents a bit of a conundrum. I usually think of Ribity as one of the good ones, a graffiti writer who improves surfaces rather than defaces them. So, why this?

The pickle sign looks like it would’ve been pretty great on its own, so I can only assume the proprietor of this pickle shop did something untoward in order to invite such perfunctory defacement.

Address is 560 Alabama.


Preserve the Ribity (Oops, too late, it’s gone)

Ribity Bound for China

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24 Comments on “A Pickle”

  1. You are falling off Says:

    Talking about wack writers isnt what the mission is about. The mission is about actual real ARTISTS who paint murals and make things of beauty and make the hood look good, not some bullshit annoying scrawl over things that dont deserve it.

    These assholes have ruined so many good things about the mission, so many parties Ive been to lately have been tagged up, why? Isnt the whole point of “getting up” is that so people can see it? Tagging the inside a house is bullshit, no one is going to see it. Quit being a douche and stop trying to act like you are on the style wars dvd. Its 2009 in SF not NY 1979. Get a fucking clue and get on some new shit….

  2. zinzin Says:

    meh…i’d say the assertion that “the proprietor of this pickle shop did something untoward” is giving taggers a HUGE benefit of the doubt.

    this just goes to show that even your “favorite”, nice, considerate, arty tagger is – mostly, usually – a selfish dick costing someone else money in the long run, for the sake of their own juvenile ego.

    it’s kind of like hanging out with your favorite loutish, heroin addicted friend…it’s all a naughty thrill till he steals your wallet and fixie in the middle of the night.

  3. zinzin Says:

    is that really a pickle shop at 560 Alabama, btw?

  4. DJTennessee Says:

    Objection, commenters —

    The “Ririty” part is beautiful.

    It’s the “balomb” below it that fucks the aesthetic up.

  5. salsa Says:

    Mod DJTenn up– works without the red drippy shit. Would like to see the other side…

  6. Tim Moore Says:

    This is a couple of blocks from where I work. The Ribity on the sign has been there for as long as I remember… at least a year and a half… and the sign hasn’t been replaced for whatever reason. The red shit at the bottom must be new because I never noticed it before.

    It’s not really a pickle shop. I’ve never been inside, so I’m not really sure what it is… the internet seems to think it’s an antique dealer.

  7. guero Says:

    yes. zin zin. I totally agree with you. It reminds me of some tagger friends I had in the late 80s. I thought they were pretty cool but when I heard they got jammed up by some old school (pre-pc)SFPD cops who took away their spray cans and pens, and marked up their new hip hop gear(jackets,hats,pants) with SFPD, I almost pissed my acid-wash pants! The cops were shouting “SFPD NUMBER 1!” Hahahaha. I think those guys finally grew up after that.
    I see some of these taggers and some you can tell come from poor, fucked-up families where they didn’t get any attention from their moms or dads(if they even have one) and then there are the others: they are most coddled of the coddled of the car-seat generation. They grew up in good families but move into the urban jungle to be cool and to satisfy their insatiable need for attention by showing off their art school skills. In any case, none of these groups have any excuse, and I would love it if the police cracked down Bratton-style on these “petty” vandals. If they don’t want to tag their momma’s property, then they shouldn’t tag any one else’s. I hope the pickle person gets revenge.

  8. kiya Says:

    Damn, i got excited for a second there, i thought “oh fuck yeah, there’s a pickle shop in the mission??”

  9. zinzin Says:

    @ guero re: “I would love it if the police cracked down Bratton-style on these “petty” vandals”…

    i don’t disagaree, but (and i know i’m soapboxing here) i’d rather see a bratton-style smackdown, and a fucking stiff one, on hard drug peddlers and pimps.

    sfpd – post pc – has only so much they can do without getting called out by any number of “progressive” knuckleheads, and you know these tagger kids – broken homes or not – are gonna boo hoo hoo all the way back to their momma’s when they get collared.

    dealers & pimps, maybe less so.

  10. zinzin Says:

    @kiya – me too!

    valencia pickle emporium would work for me as well.

    maybe that’ll be part of the store chicken john said he was aiming to open…

  11. Tim Moore Says:

    @zinzin Finally, a great idea for what to do with the American Apparel space!

  12. zinzin Says:

    dude. valencia pickle emporium? it’s a fucking goldmine.

    jewish pickles, indian pickles, scottish pickles, presbyterian pickles.

    can you picture chad hipster walking down valencia in a pair of ironic plaid pants munching on a giant sour dill wrapped in a specially made recycled paper pickle sheath?

    we can get sasha grey to do the adverts.

    oh, i’m full of good ideas.

  13. Allan Hough Says:

    Damn, yeah it’d be nice to have on Valencia one of my favorite Lower East Side treats, the half pickle.

  14. zinzin Says:

    a nice knish wouldn’t be bad either.

  15. Allan Hough Says:

    OK, can we please get a Veselka up in here?

  16. johnny0 Says:

    Am I the only one here who cannot fucking stand pickles? Back before refrigeration, hey, cool, a way to preserve food! Today, a way to ruin a perfectly good sandwich, never mind the cucumber.

    That being said, god help those who stole Señor Pickle. This pickletrocity shall not stand.

  17. Tim Moore Says:

    Jeez, johnny0, and here I was just saying last night, “finally, something that everyone in the Mission can agree on!”

  18. guero Says:

    Yes, Johnny0…that Señor Pickle really tied the place together, did he not?

  19. zinzin Says:

    @ Allan – re: Veselka….if only, my friend. if only.

    @ Johnny0 – seriously? not even a serious super sour like from NY?

  20. foon Says:

    what’s a presbyterian pickle? Plain cucumber?

  21. zinzin Says:

    heh. i don’t really know. i was just trying to be, you know, inclusive.

  22. johnny0 Says:

    @ zinzin – shudder, few foods I don’t like. European pickling technologies are up there. I’m cool with Japanese pickling though – tsukemono, ginger, etc. Weird.
    @ tim – someone’s got to play the contrarian in this pickle love fest.

  23. sarah Says:

    I wonder if we could get Humphrey Slocombe in on this, do a collaboration?!

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