Hit and Run at 20th and Florida

eddo_likes_you is on the scene:

HOLY SHIT. 20th & Florida, light blue Mercedes just HIT A PERSON and SPED OFF. [Link]

Everyone is outside, ppl are looking out windows, helping. Atlas Cafe folks are out on scene. Someone caught the license plate #. [Link]

Update: Okay, not a person, thankfully, hopefully, maybe:

Ok, heard misinformation. Crazy driver hit several parked cars, I think no ppl tho? No one was hurt? Several ppl got license plate #. [Link]

Here’s hoping this misinformation doesn’t get out and wrongly rile people up — on Critical Mass night.

3 thoughts on “Hit and Run at 20th and Florida”

  1. I was just a victim of a hit and run accident just now. We were hit by a gray SUV from behind, driven by an ugly old woman with short orange (dye job gone bad) hair and a pig-like face. Our tiny midsized car didn’t stand a chance. Sitting beside her was a teen, presumably her daughter. She told us to drive to the parking lot next to the road, so that we don’t block it, so being the trusting people we were, we did, but then realized that that criminal just left. Such despicable people shouldn’t be able to live. I feel really sorry for her daughter to have such an irresponsible, evil mom. What makes me even more angry is that there’s no way to catch a criminal like that, since we were too naive to get their license plate. We were lucky to not have gotten any serious injuries, but this has a lasting impact on my outlook of human nature. People like that are too detestable to understand. I can’t believe how low people can sink. This happened in Edmonton, Alberta, on the road leading off the highway beside the south parking lot of Southgate. We need to work together to rid society of such vile creatures, so if anyone saw anything, please tell us. Help is greatly appreciated.

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