Alleged Graffiti Spree Perpetrator Also Budding Author

One of the dudes arrested last night for allegedly marking up the Dolores Park bathroom building and an unnamed Mission storefront is also a budding author. An excerpt from Scott Cuilty‘s forthcoming book, The Oxnard Survival Manual:

“Give me a  smoke, Shawn. I’m  serious.”
“In a minute..”
“No, you fucking asshole.Now.”
“Calm down…Geez..give me minute…”
This had been going on for ten minutes. Mike was driving and Shawn was smoking. Mike was trying to get Shawn to give up a smoke, but Shawn, always the bunt of everyone’s jokes, was enjoying this momentary bit of power he had over Mike. “I’ll give you one when I’m ready. Not now.” Shawn inhaled slowly in front of Mike, straight taunting him. Mike wasn’t having it.
“Give me a fucking cigarette right now or I swear to God I will fucking crash this car.”

Read the rest for some high drama, an inspiring conclusion, and your new favorite sentence: “He looked as relieved as if he’d just taken the healthiest shit of his life.” Link.

21 thoughts on “Alleged Graffiti Spree Perpetrator Also Budding Author”

  1. Anyone who doesn’t know the difference between a “bunt” and a butt may be an author, but he aint no writer.

    A “bunt” is an fair grounder hit to the short infield, between home plate and the pitcher’s mound.

  2. 28 and he still gets his kicks by writing his name on other peoples’ stuff. Pathetic. If only there was a way to exile people like this from our fair Mission.

  3. punishment should fit the crime. selfish, juvenile dickheads should be made to paint over tags for a weekend.

    maybe “in shackles” would be too too…but how about in big pink bunny suits…?

    looking over the myspace page (grownups really use myspace? i guess i’m just old…), the bunny suit would probably be the worst part of the punishment for these losers.

  4. I think you are all sick for getting your jollies digging at these guys on the internet. If you had any balls you would square up face to face. Besides that, most people who write go on “sprees” because that’s the way writing works, so these people are no different than anyone else in the mission who runs around writing on stuff. It isn’t like they went on a rape spree. And for that matter- if they had gone on a rape spree, y’all wouldn’t be so up in arms, because from what I’ve gathered people around here only care about things that directly affect them. I.e., people writing on stuff, “improving” 6th street and Valencia, the roof at Medjool closing (who the fuck goes there anyway, douchebags that’s who), and banning smoking in parks.
    When SF was dirty, cheap, and a little dangerous, everyone was happy. I’ll be glad when the yuppies reign of terror is over.

  5. Lardtub: What is your point? Nobody here thinks these two are any worse than other people who “go on ‘sprees.'” I think everyone here would condemn all of these people equally. Damaging other peoples’ stuff is mean. This is a commonly held feeling among yuppies and non-yuppies alike.

    What does it mean to “square up face to face”? Are you suggesting that the only proper way to criticize a criminal is by visiting him in jail? That anti-social behavior should not be publicly condemned?

    Your comment about a “rape spree” is too preposterous to address.

  6. @lardtub – imho, these losers got what they deserved. and if i caught one of them tagging my house…i would happily “square up” their self-entitled, juvenile, ignorant ass with my size 11 steel-toe boot.

    but i probably won’t get to, because they & other tagger dickheads sneak around in the middle of the night like cowards. THAT’S how “writing works” (god that makes me fucking puke, like it’s a fucking art form)…selfish assholes sneaking around fucking up other people’s shit because they fucking feel like it….to boost their tender egos, or because their mama didn’t love them, or because they listened to too much motorhead and sniffed too much glue that night. whatever.

    and i guess these guys are a little “different than anyone else in the mission who runs around writing on stuff”, because they were stupid or wasted enough to get pinched.

    far as your “oh, how i wish for the gritty days of yore” vitriol, it’s old, and it’s useless.

    lots of folks on this blog love the mission, and are eager to improve it, with a mind to preserving all the things that we love about it: independent music, food, diversity, culture (including “street art”). lot’s of folks think it’s possible…hell, i think it’s a critical thing for us to do.

    you want in? big hug from me. let’s go do something.

    you want to boo hoo hoo about the gritty days gone by, and defend vandals by saying “it’s not rape”, i’m not sure there’s a dialog there.

    change is inevitable.

  7. Really, who glorifies how “dangerous” a city can be? I’ve spent plenty of time in “dangerous” places, like Detroit. I fully recommend moving there. It could use more residents, rent is cheap, there are no yuppies, and there are plenty of abandoned buildings to use for a writing “spree.” If what you want is dangerous, dirty, and cheap, why are you in San Francisco?

  8. get off the internet and read a book, seriously. You fuckers have nothing better to do but look up complete strangers and dog on them? You are just as pathedic.

  9. lardtub…I am not a yuppie and I from the Mission, I was born St. Luke’s and my family here goes back the 1930s when they came from Mexico. But that doesn’t matter. This is a place where people live and work. This is not a playground for you and your friends to run around and destroy. And zinzin has it right, if you all had any balls, you wouldn’t run around in the middle of the night doing this crap. And looking and commenting on their myspace is perfectly valid because it gives insight to the fact that they are not “artists”. There is nothing artistic about them at all. They have nothing to say and that’s pretty sad. Sadder still is their need for attention and now that they are getting it, you don’t seem to like it. There are plenty of other gritty, dangerous places for you if you want-like oakland and richmond, so go hop a Bart train and go. And like I said before, as a native, I’d rather have my young,tattooed,east-coast,vegan, fair-trade coffee drinking neighbors any day than these assholes from Oxnard. You want to mark up a wall? then own it and your shitty fiction.

  10. Historically, people have gotten in less heated comment battles over rape sprees is all I was getting at. Not only that, but I simply said that these people are no different from other graffiti spree-ers. If you can’t read closely enough to have gathered that then I won’t even bother to explain more.
    Furthermore, have none of you lived in places that had NO graffiti whatsoever? Well I did, and it was really sad and bleak. And just because there was no graffiti didn’t mean there was no vandalism. People constantly ripped out our mailbox and put bologna on each others cars, which is very damaging and costly, and more difficult to deal with than paint on a house. You should be grateful that the vandalism that occurs in San Francisco is mostly graffiti. At least some of it aspires to do something interestng.
    I guess what I’m saying is, please for the love of god stop complaining because you live in the greatest city in the west and some the things YOU don’t like about it are part of makes it visually satisfying.

  11. And furthermore, I don’t like negative change. I liked my San Francisco when people didn’t constantly whine about everything on the internet. It was a whole lot nicer to be able to walk around and enjoy the city without a bunch of assholes yelling about shit online. When I go home I want to see bad news and then nice things, like the kitten piece Allan posted. We all know that there are a million people who want to hatefuck every tagger they can find with a chainsaw and the more you talk about how much you hate graffiti the more I don’t give a shit what you think.
    I used to only write nice comments and then mean people turned me sour too.
    My mother always used to say, if you don’t have anything nice to say, say it on the internet.

  12. Lardtub, I wholeheartedly agree with you. It is really sad how people on the web just bitch and moan constantly and never have anything nice to say.
    You are very passionate and so are the people who hate graffiti. The two sides will never stop battling. It is unfortunate that some people hate some aspects of youth culture so much that they will spend hours whining about it on neighborhood blogs. Shouldn’t you just move somewhere that has no graffiti? Like Vermont? Or Upstate NY? If you can afford SF you can live anywhere.
    “A city with graffiti is a living city.”

  13. reading the comments up here….i’d argue that the folks trying to defend these losers, or vandalism, or boo hoo hoo-ing about the gritty days of yore, are the ones that are whining.

    these guys did something naughty and got pinched. now they’re in the media, fully exposed, and folks are voicing opinions.

    is that whining?

    or it just that anyone disagreeing with you is “whining”?

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