Introducing the New Dolores Park Playground


SF Gate this morning reported that some neighborhood group and some city agency came to an agreement on how to deal with the Dolores Park playground situation, and the agreement was kind of a benchmark or something. (Link.)

More importantly, Dolores Park View this morning published this sketch of the new playground said agreement will produce. (Link.)

Lael, this blog’s resident playground enthusiast, says, “It doesn’t look that different. The slide looks fun though.”


Crackdown on ‘Adult’ Behavior in Dolores Park

Dolores Park Playground Renovations Promises Fences, Safety

One thought on “Introducing the New Dolores Park Playground”

  1. looks like they kept the big boat thing…and maybe expanded the buccaneer theme. that would be cool. my kid loves that big boat thing.

    would love to see it happen.

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