Turreted Cadillac Vandalized!


Everyday Photos just posted evidence that a lawless gang of freebooters has tagged our neighborhood’s beloved turreted Cadillac. Where’s the graffiti task force when you really need them? Link.


Turreted Cadillac, and Joey Ramone, and the Pope

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4 Comments on “Turreted Cadillac Vandalized!”

  1. katrina Says:

    It’s too sad! Someone also smashed the back window while it was parked near the playground at 22nd and Folsom.

  2. ohmygolly Says:

    that thing is an eyesore, it never is driven(except to move for street cleaning), is a home for bums and gang members, takes up valuable parking space, and should return its douchey self to burning man where it belongs, dudebro.

  3. Allan Hough Says:

    Interesting point. This thing is a total burner ride. And I’m usually not into burner stuff. And yet I like it.

  4. Junk Thief Says:

    Is nothing sacred! I blame it on the economy, and it was probably some drunk brokers not street kids that did it. (Thanks for the earlier link and photo credit. I’ve not seen the vehicle recently. Maybe they’ve had to park it in a guarded location.)

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