Coming Soon: Sandwiches Full of Organic, Local Good Stuff


From my inbox:

We’re gonna be opening a great sandwich salad joint using all the organic, local good stuff on the 22nd.


Can’t wait!

13 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Sandwiches Full of Organic, Local Good Stuff”

  1. Ugg, what’s with all the food on this blog? Why don’t you write about something important in the Mission? This blog used to be cool

  2. Ugg? Are you suggesting that he write about hideous shoes? Because I’d much rather hear about new sandwich shops in my neighborhood than that shit.

  3. food IS important! go easy guys.

    and the street art posts bring up an interesting discussion for urban spaces as to what is art, what is freedom of expression, and what is simply a nuisance. these are important questions for a community as steeped in street art as the mission to consider.

  4. The weird grammar in that email made me think, at first read, that they were going to use “all the organic, local good stuff” on the 22 BUS. What is “organic” on the 22 besides the occasional blood spill or pool of puke? I mean definitely that is local, but I wouldn’t call it good.

  5. Allan, until you have food in your blog name, please don’t write about food, ok? (Please follow my example of how I only write about food.)

    “Burrito Burrito” – now that would be a different matter. Then you’d be cool again.

  6. In Tony’s Market? Really? That place is the second-most sketchy liquor store on that block. It’s kind of like Yat’s in Jack’s – the food might be great, but do you really want to go in to get it?

  7. Tony’s is not sketchy. The people who work there are super-friendly and since the change in ownership they’ve improved the store a lot. I’m happy to not have to go to Potrero Market or Ricci’s. THOSE places are sketchy. And the only problem with Jack’s Club (home of Yat’s) is that it smells like vomit. I, for one, look forward to these new and (hopefully) delicious sandwiches.

  8. Has anyone tried the sandwiches? That would be more useful than complaining about this blog and Tony’s Market.

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