5 thoughts on “Photobooth at Bender’s?”

  1. Pre-fire Bender’s had one of them Polaroid-style photo booths. I wonder if it survived the fire, or they just got a new one.

  2. My foursquare -> Twitter -> Mission Mission didn’t communicate this, but the photobooth has resulted in the death of the *awesome* game Bags ( https://missionmission.wordpress.com/2009/03/09/bags/ ). Don’t get me wrong, Bender’s is my favorite spot in all of San Francisco, but bags > photobooth. Ya’ll fucked this one up. Nevermind the fact photobooths are already becoming a dive-bar cliche in the mission. If anything should have replaced Bags, it should have been a dart board. Nothing would be more of a train-wreck to watch than some 6-foot-tall-130-pound drunk cool-kids in mullets trying to thrown sharp objects against the wall after 5 rounds of whiskey+pbr. Oh man, I’d be there even more than I am now.

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