Dolores Park Goes To Stockholm


I look at the pretty pictures on Stockholm By Pixels just about every day. Usually their stuff feels pretty professional, so I was stopped in my tracks by this decidedly lo-res shot of a very Dolores-looking park.

The copy corroborates the similarity:

It’s that time of the year when the kids start partying in Tantolunden (Aunty O’s grove). Beer, wine, barbecue, large music machines and what not. Summer is close.


Summer is close!

3 thoughts on “Dolores Park Goes To Stockholm”

  1. Hey, they have graffiti too! If you turn your head just right, it kind of looks like a giraffa-ribity chimera… (Hmmm, on second glance, I think it’s a squirrel wearing a crown.)

  2. Sat through “Madagascar” last night at the park. The steady wind was only about, oh, I’d say 30mph or so. Summer? Not until the fog rolls in, it ain’t!

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