Weird Fish/The Corner Guy ‘Done With Yelp’

From The Corner’s website, restaurant runner Timothy Holt:

This morning everything seemed cool- gorgeous weather, great plans, awesome Four Barrel Coffee and then suddenly I’ve noticed an email from Yelp telling me that the reviews I’ve posted on my own business, thanking the Yelp community and my friends for their support, had been removed from the system because the community had flagged my reviews. As I’m writing this email, the Yelp Community put The Corner on the Hot in Yelp section (what a irony).

I’m done with Yelp

(Thanks, Hector!)

7 thoughts on “Weird Fish/The Corner Guy ‘Done With Yelp’”

    1. Yes, but yelp updates those terms of service on a whim. They used to encourage business owners to write reviews about their business, and many owners took advantage of that option since yelp refused to allow them any other way to address the public. This guy wrote a review before the terms of service changed, so the review should be left in place. Yelp clearly removed his review in retaliation for not advertising, and that crap will be the end of yelp. Looking forward to it.

  1. this also happened to me… I wrote a perfectly good review and it was flaged and taken down. I don’t post anymore.

  2. Please, yelp has jumped the shark. They’re trying to get businesses to pay so they can monetize.

    LAME but that’s what all start ups are going through these days.


  3. Er.
    Yelp is an abomination, and is guilty of numerous unfair and dishonest business practices, among them blackmail.


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