Butt Boarding


What is butt boarding?

[via Carlos Reyes]

4 thoughts on “Butt Boarding”

  1. Dude, butt boarding is ridin’ around on yer butt. That’s how I learned to skate. Tearin’ up the streets of Santa Cruz with my legs in front of me sittin’ on my board. I say we should be pro butt boarding.

  2. It’s done by kids that don’t how to skate but love to be everywhere you wanna be at the Potrero park.

  3. I can only assume that just before this was written the following conversation occurred:

    “I’ll take ‘Skateboarding in the 80’s for 200 Alex'”

    “This form of skateboarding was the precursor to the real cool sport of the future ‘street luge'”.

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