I’m Aware It Is Hot Outside, But WTF


Benny Gold captured this bit of summertime, and Plug1 sent it my way with the subject line:

im aware it is hot outside, but wtf is going on in the mish today? is it like 150 degrees? is this mid-day walk of shame?


135 thoughts on “I’m Aware It Is Hot Outside, But WTF”

  1. Dignity, ma’am; dignity and self-awareness.

    wunderground.com did say it was 101 degrees in the Mission around 3:30 this afternoon. And now at almost 6, it’s 90. That is a hot day, anyway.

  2. so I saw her as I passed on the 22, and my corneas still have the image of her belly spilling forth below her bra and above the stings of her thong. She looked like Amy Winehouse at her worst.

  3. i saw her too. i was walking up 16th.. some older guy rolled up in a car and dropped her off right at Mission.

    it sort of nicely capped off a long day of bbq, sun and mission.

  4. “The weather is hot and girls are dressed in less, they’re checking out the fellas to tell them who’s best.”

  5. well now.

    That is something else.

    Disgusting. That woman has a very beautiful, womanly shape however there’s no need for her to be prancing around like a tramp. That’s not something I would put on the list of ‘things for my daughter to see’. – or, ‘things for my bf/husband to see’, or ‘things for my father, grandmother, grandfather… etc’.

    Nor do I agree with a man behaving this way any more than I do a woman. (woman is probably the wrong noun for this type of person)

  6. The author of this must be a female who doesn’t look as good as the female in the picture. The only people that will have a problem with this sort of thing are fat unattractive jealous people.

  7. even in the hottest 103 weather people do not dress like that here unless they are working the street or at the pool

  8. I’ve discovered (thankyou internet for setting my brain up with stupid info) that this look is really trendy amongst the Japanese at the moment.
    Yeah! Who needs dignity, when she can look slutty just like she always wanted!

  9. “what are you men complaining about. We show too less, you complain, too much..you still complain.”

    Hehe, true.
    I expected something else after seeing the title. :p

  10. This is what you get when you take a bunch of Puritans, move to a new far away land, and suppress their urge to be sexual for 400 years. You get a bunch of godless hedonists. A grand experiment into what happens when you try to closet people instead of educating them. So, the next time your 13 year old daughter tries to talk to you about sex you might want to stop ignoring her for at least a few moments. Otherwise the talk she should be having with an experienced adult like her parents will come from inexperienced tweens like herself.

  11. @subcorpus: I don’t think the picture is taken in Japan, I haven’t been there before but that’s just what I’m thinking.

    I think it’s taken somewhere in the US

  12. I saw this often at a Mount Pleasant Michigan college town night club about four years ago. We called it the “whale tail”. It is often accessorized by a pack of cigarettes.
    “Did you just grab my ass?”
    No, I just stole your smokes.

  13. Oh, and for anybody who doesn’t get the joke – and might actually try and call that number, that’s a reference to an old song (“Jenny 867-5309” by Tommy Tutone)

  14. Question:

    I can understand why some of the women who’ve posted here are offended by this pic (Jealousy much?)

    But what with the GUYS who are offended by this pic – are all of you Jim McGreevey-Americans, or did your wife/girlfriend make you say you were “offended” by this pic?

    Because I simply cannot understand why a heterosexual man – or a lesbian woman – would be “offended” by an attractive woman in a bra and panties!

  15. Me rikey. me tap that ash. SHe got that thong going on…baby dat tong!!!!!

    SOrry – the thong did get my juices flowing. You see that on the streets – you are LOL.

  16. jeeesus stop hating on her, you people are not aware of it but are subconsciously jealous that you aren’t that comfortable with you bodies to do the same, plus i think she lookin allllright!

    1. Josey – you’re right on the money!

      All the women on here who are hating on her just WISH they had as much self-confidence as this woman has!

      As for the MEN hating on her….I don’t pretend to understand!

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