Ryan Farr on Swine Flu

All jokes aside, pandemics are serious business, so we asked Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats to comment on how the current looming threat might affect this weekend’s Pig Out party. Ryan says:

The swine flu is some scary shit, I hope all is contained soon and no more lives are lost.

It’s so vital to support small farmers, heritage breeds, antibiotic free, hormone free and meat that has been fed no animal sourced protein.

This is what so many people in the Bay and beyond are all about and we will continue to send that message… Support small farmers and heritage breeds!

Since last week I have received emails from folks saying how excited they are to join us at the Pig Out and learn more about the Red Waddle. So to answer your question… No, I don’t think that the Swine Flu has affected the Pig Out. People want to know their meat, want to know how to butcher and handle it. It’s a beautiful thing, i am very lucky and excited to be apart of it. Sunday is going to be a blast, great people and great pig = hell of a good fucking time.

The party takes place this coming Sunday at Coffee Bar and includes great food, great beer and a live butcher demo! Get to know your meat!

3 thoughts on “Ryan Farr on Swine Flu”

  1. The official word is you can’t get swine flue from eating pork…so pig out worry free. You just might not want to make out with strangers while doing it. And yes, of course do support heritage breeds, and local, organic, hormone free practices- it’s better for your health and the welfare of the animals(pre-slaughterhouse that is)

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