Rabbit Fur Fixie Outside of SF Vegan Drinks

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to SF Vegan Drinks and spotted this lovely bicycle parked right outside:

Oh, the irony.
Animal hide is an elegant and classy status symbol, especially when stapled to a wheel obviously fished out of a dumpster.

PROTIP: If you are going to troll a bunch of drunk vegans, learn how to properly lock your bike.

Is the bike locked to the post?
Bike-lock fail. Return to sender landfill?

SFPD: On the Mr. Pickles Case

pixelfairy provides us with an amazing update on the Mr. Pickle’s case:

Mr. Pickle Update

Talked to a police officer today while I was stopped at the light in front of MrPickle. I asked if they were looking for Mr Pickle.

me: “You guys looking for Mr Pickle :)”

officer: “Yes, we are.”

me: “I saw him on flickr”

officer: “Yeah, we checked that out.”

me: “and…”

officer: nothing.

me: “maybe he’s free-basing dill under the bridge”

officer: no reaction

me: “actually, I think he’s a runaway. He’s probably in México, on the beach.”

officer: “yeah, the sombrero.”

light turns green, we smile, I ride up 20th …thinking about Mr. Pickle on the beach in México.

Mission Loc@l Livetweets the Scene of McDonald’s

One of my favorite activities is reading the #mlnow feed on twitter so I can steal the tips sent to Mission Loc@l and post them here.  Yesterday was a particularly riveting day as Mission Loc@l reporter Armand Emamdjomeh spent the entire day hanging out at the McDonald’s on 24th and Mission.  Here are the highlights:

A little self-deprecation?:

730 am and the place is bustling. Amazed by the people socializing, reading or just…staring. #mlnow (link)

Apparently McDonald’s has some unspoken racial segregation:

Who knew mcdonald’s was such a meeting space? Mexicans, Salvadorans, Chapines, to each their own corner. Quieting down now. #mlnow (link)

Nothing says romance like a nutritious Happy Meal with apple slices:

Two boys just got up the nerve to go sit down w two girls across the restaurant. Godspeed! #mlnow (link)

Ultimately, it sounds like a pretty boring place to hang out.  No surprises there.

Boots n’ Tickets on Capp

Jason Schlachet noticed that an unusually high amount of cars were booted on 700 Block of Capp:

“Saw at least 3 vehicles booted on 700blk of Capp. what happened?”

One of the cars booted was a newish Mini Cooper.  By the time the owner gets the boot off that car, the most difficult window to replace will have been smashed out, a homeless guy will have urinated in the back seat, all the toll money will have been spent on a round of Corona’s at El Trebol and the “totally awesome” collection of Ludacris and Chingy CDs will have been sold in front of the Bank of America on Mission.