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BYOGG (Bring Your Own Glue Gun) Event With Anthony’s Cookies Cookies

May 1, 2009


Tomorrow afternoon, Porous Walker will be at Receiver Gallery leading a hands-on workshop on how best to glue old toys together. Assemblages will be assembled and then mounted along Orange Alley out back.

Party starts at 2PM. Cookies by Anthony’s.

Full press release after the jump:


The Struggle Continues

May 1, 2009


This Happy May Day message comes courtesy of Sangroncito. Happy May Day! Link.

Update: Fun with iPhone apps at Burrito Justice.

Missionites Embrace Online News Sources

May 1, 2009

So says this gripping report by David McClymonds of the Golden Gate [X]press:

Neighborhood-focused Web sites such as Mission Mission, Burrito Justice and Mission Loc@l are enjoying a steady rise of daily clicks from locals and foreigners alike. Instead of coughing up change for the Sunday edition paper, readers are now using that $2.00 to buy a cup of coffee and read the news from their laptop computers and cell phones, free of charge.

Mission district residents use blogs for news

Pig Panic on Capp

May 1, 2009

Kevin Monty says:

Just saw someone walking down Capp wearing a face-mask. Seriously people?



Pork Purveyor Ryan Farr Says No to Swine Flu

Good Shop Opens This Weekend

May 1, 2009

Rhiannon says, in an email subjected “The Good Shop”:

A new vintage/consignment/gallery space is opening on Folsom and 22nd. Just walked by, the guys were outside, so we chatted,  looks awesome. Having an opening party may 3rd at 8.

Blue Macaw Opens This Weekend?

May 1, 2009

Says Broke-Ass Stuart:

Walked by former 12 galaxies today and dude was outside painting it. Apparently the Blue Macaw opens on Sunday.

If only it were really called the Blue Jackal. But seriously, I can’t wait.


12 Galaxies to Become Blue Macaw