Are Your Kicks Tired?


Then enlist the talents of Trey and Cornelius’ Hip Hop Shoe Repair.

Plug1 spotted this handsome advertisement all the way over in the Financial District, and sent it over asking us to figure out what the references to champagne and romanticism have to do with footwear.

All’s I got to say is this: Plug1, if you don’t understand the relationships between fresh attire, bubbly drink, and romance, maybe you should quit dressing like Chevy Chase for a while and get with the program.

But seriously, do check out Trey and Cornelius’ MySpace page, as it’s chock full of rad pics of stuff like Reebok’s The Pump and used spray cans.

10 thoughts on “Are Your Kicks Tired?”

  1. i love it when corny hipsters who gentrify a neighborhood try to decipher that neighborhood’s true hipness.

  2. Trey and Cornelius’ hip hop shoe repair is in cahoots with the Elsewhere Public Works Agency…This questionable collaboration provides nothing but a mere answering machine…no sweet kicks

  3. i hate it when people use the words, hipster and gentrify in the same sentence. The whole hipster hating phenomenon really lacks intelligence in my opinion. And the whole “gentrification” bit is a crock..just because privileged folks took a sociology class doesn’t mean that they know the inner-workings of a neighborhood and who is at fault for development….and don’t even get me started on the word “corny”

  4. I’m surprised to LA Gear including. I was basically laughed out of school for showing up w/ my (i thought) dope ass kicks.

    maybe i’ll bring them out of retirement

  5. According to the epwa map, they’re located in the Chron kiosk at 16th and Valencia.

    For more info — bring a radio to Dolores Park, and tune to 107.9 FM.

  6. BTW, the phone number is just a recorded message. It’s amusing and you should give it a call.

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