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Stolen Bike Found! (For Sale on Craigslist)

May 7, 2009

ScreenHunter_51 May. 07 16.23

Jen got in touch a little bit ago to share the following harrowing story. Her boyfriend had this bike that they both loved more than anything in the world, and it got stolen outside Safeway in March. Today, it popped up for sale on Craigslist.

Photos in Jen’s photostream prove the bike is their bike. Also:

Things to note: we added the SPD pedals. I don’t have photos of them, but we added them after the fact. (P.S. It’s my boyfriend’s bike, but I bought it and found it and I have a wicked attachment to it, so I obnoxiously call it “our bike”.) You can see the SPD pedals in the photo of all four bikes, but they’re small.

The CL ad mentions that the tires and seat are new. You’ll note those are different from our photo. Pay attention to the photos of the Campy rims, the way the handlebars are wrapped (cables underneath tape), shape of crank, Campy logos on derailleurs and crank arms and whatnot. It is absolutely ours, with no question.

We bought it from Danny – if you frequent the CL bikes section at all, he’s a dude that posts a lot of bikes from San Jose. Cash, no receipt. It’s an old Bianchi. Bought it in December, added pedals in January, kept everything else the same, stolen in March outside of the 16th Street Safeway. The only thing we have is a receipt for the pedals that’s coming from Ohio via mail as we speak. :(

I really don’t want the dude to yank it. I also don’t want to pay $600 for the bike I’ve already paid $600 for. I also don’t want to get shot riding off with the bike. I am so angry I’m just losing my shit – we’re tiny and nonthreatening and I’m not sure what to do.

We talked it over and decided to do this post, if for no other reason than to get the story out there. Advice welcome.

Inside the Blue Macaw

May 7, 2009

blue macaw mission bar

Yelper Milo B. wrote in to tell us a little more about the Blue Macaw:

I stopped in over the weekend for the unofficial opening and the place looks fantastic, it looks clean and cozy.
You can check out pics on Yelp.

As for world music — I have no idea where that rumor is coming from! The management is open to hosting all promoters and all types of shows!

Also, the owner rescues parrots and that is why she chose the name Blue Macaw.

Link. I can’t wait to see The Fucking Champs here some time soon. Thanks, Milo!

blue macaw mission

blue macaw mission seating

Buff Rebuffed

May 7, 2009

jesse hazelip bird

Today artist Jesse Hazelip tells the story of an attempt to buff out his bird rebuffed with a bit of simple logic. The results rule. Link.

jesse hazelip bird buffed


Jesse Hazelip’s Bomber-Headed Buffalo

Down in Millbrae

May 7, 2009

carlos reyes millbrae

Today Carlos Reyes tells the story of a trip to Millbrae ruined by an overzealous rookie cop. With epic resless photography as always. Link (AUTOPLAY WARNING).

carlos reyes millbrae cop