Cookie Wag: The Cookie/Ice Cream Sandwich Cart

cookie wag twitter

Oh man. Keli and Logan from the Mission Street Food staff are about to bust the street food revolution wide open with a cart devoted to cookies and ICE CREAM SANDWICHES. They’re on Twitter already, and they’re called Cookie Wag. I can’t wait!


Keli and Logan on Fashionist.

Street Food and Twitter on M1ssion Loc@l.

8 thoughts on “Cookie Wag: The Cookie/Ice Cream Sandwich Cart”

  1. I hope they don’t take any business from Anthony’s. Is the Mission big enough for two cookie purveyors? Maybe if this cart stays on the North Side. My kid and I are hitting Anthony’s 3x a week.

  2. Not if Anothny starts selling frozen cookie dough like I keep telling him!

    Regardless, I am happy to have the cookie revolution expand beyond Valencia.

  3. I think there’s plenty of room for two (or more) cookie purveyors in the Mission. After all, aren’t Bi-Rite creamery, Mitchell’s, and Humphry Slocombe all doing a brisk business these days?

    Although, now that I think about it, Anthony’s cookie sandwiches would be the friggin’ bomb…

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