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Thrift Town Building For Sale, $15M

May 11, 2009

ScreenHunter_02 May. 11 15.59

Says reader Chris L., pointing us toward this Craigslist ad and adding, “ps. Can I borrow 15 million dollars?” Unlikely, Chris, but it does raise the question: Who are what is going to pony up such a chunk of change? And what all could you do with it, and what would become of the pimps and hos holding court out front?

Dulay Lines Deconstructed

May 11, 2009

dulay lines

Johnny0 went to town on my mom’s art final, extracting and splicing until he came up with some epic PNGs. See the whole things here.

Now who’s working on the Dulay/Möbius mashup?

To The Sorry Excuse For A Sad, Lonely, Unwanted Bitch

May 11, 2009

Sexpigeon deems this note genuine. See why here.

Sick of Spain

May 11, 2009

shitty kitty was sick of spain

Reader Winslow has some questions:

I was walking by that firehouse on nineteenth and (Van Ness, right?) and saw this on the stump of the telephone pole next to a full-size phone pole. (Always thought that was a very suspicious stump of a phone pole to begin with.) Is this that same shitty kitty man you posted about a few weeks ago? What’s he got against Spain?

It’s the same shitty kitty man I think, and maybe what he’s got against Spain is that he’s about to get gored. Telephone or Soup, please confirm.


Shitty Kitty

Bike Recovery Squad: A Truly Beautifully Organized Operation

May 11, 2009

Jen got in touch on Thursday with the news that her stolen bike had shown up for sale on Craigslist. Over the weekend, she got it back, with a little help from the SFPD:

I don’t want to post the whole story – and I know this is a letdown if you’ve followed this saga so far – because it was a truly beautifully organized operation that went down, and I don’t want to compromise that security for future operations. I had no idea they actually operated like this and even now that I’ve been a part of it, it’s insane to believe that it happened. The two brilliant, wonderful SFPD officers we met at Weird Fish were bike people. We talked components, we talked frame, I talked so much that they eventually laughed and told me that I could stop because they had long believed me. So the details are going to be left out, but here’s the jist:

Getting your stolen bike back, San Francisco style