Bilingual Bike To Work Day

bilingual bike to work day mission district

Great news for all you Spanish speakers out there: this year’s Bike To Work Day will feature the first Spanish/English bilingual Energizer Station in the history of the tradition. Even better, it will be staffed by Meli from Bikes and the City. So whether you speak Spanish/English, Spanish/Spanish or English/English, stop by and say hi. (And get your tote bag and bagel and banana.)

Chavez and Harrison in the morning; Chavez and Valencia in the evening.

Map of Energizer Stations citywide.

Click flyer to view it bigger.

3 thoughts on “Bilingual Bike To Work Day”

  1. This is a bit afield but if you look at the Spanish version of the public service announcement on Duboce between Valencia and Mission (the one that says not to space out when walking or on bike because drivers are also spaced out) — it has a hilarious mistranslation. It says something like “Stay watching, because many chauffeurs are not paying attention.”

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