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Shitty Kitty Meetup Thursday

May 19, 2009

shitty kitty meetup


Shitty Kitty Sick of Spain

My First Earthquake at the Make-Out Room Saturday

May 19, 2009

my first earthquake mike monteiro

Mike Monteiro is one of the best reasons to use Twitter, and look at this, he likes a band we like!


My First Earthquake

Monteiro on Calf-Toned Marina Hoochies in the Mission

Film Fundraiser Starring Jonathan Richman

May 19, 2009

film party _ fundraiser - - Gmail

Sunday May 31, Lincart Gallery hosts a fundraiser for a new movie by Miles Montalbano, director of Revolution Summer (set in the Mission) and the Jonathan Richman concert film Take Me To The Plaza. Also on the bill are Ralph Carney (of Gaucho) and some other people.

Keeping it Neighborly on Capp

May 19, 2009

From the “get-off-my-lawn” department:


BEWARE: Poker Players and Loose Women

Beware?  Are you kidding?  This sounds awesome!

TRESPASSERS, Beggars, Vagrants, Loiterers, are NOT WELCOME.  You will be subject to removal by tenant, and full criminal Prosecution.  THIS MEANS YOU!

Damnit, it looks like I’ll just have to head to Reno.

(Spotted on the always friendly 800 block of Capp St.)


The Tiki Men

May 19, 2009

tiki men twelve dusty diamonds lp

“Twelve Dusty Diamonds” by The Tiki Men is one of my favorite records of all time. It is wall to wall gems, mostly instrumentals, recorded roughly. It is raw and exuberant in a way unlike anything else I’ve ever heard, like a gang of friends partying hearty in 100-degree Sacramento backyard heat. You can still get it from Hillsdale Records.

Most of the songs are covers, but the originals are credited to one “Micah K.” Last week, I read Micah Kennedy’s obituary in Sacramento’s Midtown Monthly. Read it here, and be sure to stick around for the comments. There are links to mp3s of some of Micah’s stuff, and the flood of memories and corny jokes warms the heart.

The other day I made a crack about not having hometown pride. But I do. I grew up in Sacramento, home of the Tiki Men.

After the jump is a Q&A I did with Micah’s band mate Tim for a fanzine called Noises From The Garage 10 years ago:


Graffiti Vs. Billboards

May 19, 2009

In last week’s I Heart Street Art, we heard from a street artist called Eddie with an interesting take on why he does what he does:

It’s a matter of public space. Whose space is it? That’s a big issue for me. You walk through the city and it’s more and more dominated by advertising. It’s getting to a point where there’s no blank space. You go to take a piss in a bar and there’s an ad. So you put a sticker on it. There’s a conversation going on out there. Most of it is talking at you; it’s not a dialogue. So whether I’m invited or not, I’m gonna participate in the conversation.

I’ve been thinking about that all week, so this week I talk more about the dialogue, and I make fun of Davis:

I Heart Street Art: Street Art Vs. Corporate Advertising

Missioni Missioni

May 19, 2009

missioni missioni

Plug1 and Plug2 of WHATIMSEEING DOT COM are in Paris right now, and they just sent over this shot of my new favorite boutique.

Also, check out a rare post showcasing work by Plug2.