BREAKING: Mr. Pickle Found!

mr pickle

Our pal Thaddius just hipped us to the news of the century. Mr. Pickle has been spotted lurking in the photostream of Flickr photographer cellybrain. The above is brightened up a bit. See the original here.

I messaged the photographer a few minutes ago asking if he has any interest in trying to help get the hostage returned home safely. No reply yet.

The rest of his photostream is pretty killer, too. A sample:

ScreenHunter_26 May. 20 13.23

36 thoughts on “BREAKING: Mr. Pickle Found!”

  1. This is amazing. I’d given up all hope. Please return Mr. Pickles! Do it for the children, for the neighborhood, for the love of sandwiches.

  2. Hooray! I hope he gets returned – riding down 20th always makes me sad when I read the sign about Mama missing Mr. Pickle. It would be nice to have him greeting me from the sidewalk again.

  3. this bums me out! at least when it seemed that schoolkids had taken it there was a kind of “innocent prank” feeling to it.

  4. I’m going to analyze the headers of the image to see if it’s geotagged. Anybody recognize the people in the image on the mantle?

  5. Nothing telling in headers. Either we’re dealing with some evil mastermind of the most nefarious order, or Flickr stripped the headers of anything useful.

  6. Mama Pickle says Mr. Pickle cost $4,000. At that price, it’s not such an innocent prank. Bring Mr. Pickle home!!

  7. I think cellybrain isn’t so much a pool as it is a collection of photos curated by hamburger eyes. And, judging from the Flickr photo’s description, it would appear that the original was actually taken by somebody named “mark”.

    So, who wants to go down to 26 Lilac St and ask them if they know how to get ahold of this “mark” guy?

  8. the DUDES FUCKING drivers license is on there.

    HIS NAME IS POTES…RAYMOND DEL PILAR>..or someone associated is.

    GET MR>PICKLE back.



  9. whoa!! ive been in and out of town so i havent been able to properly address this. but lots of phone calls about this and i am really trying to figure it out.

    check it out, i run a photo magazine called “hamburger eyes”. also run a community darkroom called “photo epicenter”. on our website we have a side blog called “cellybrain”. its runs off our flickr account. people can submit cell phone photos through their phone, either straight to the flickr account, or to my phone or email and then i can forward it to the flickr. it updates the site automatically and immediatly. its just a neat feature for our site that a friend help me setup.

    if you look at the flickr page, you can see that the cell phone photos come from all kinds of sources. not just mine.

    anyways, people who submit cell phone photos often give out the info so others can post too. ive already notified pretty much all my contacts to find out who actually sent the photo. no responses yet. there was a tag with “mark” on it but the mark i know doesnt send cell photos.

    i eat at mr. pickles all the time. i am a business owner. i live in the mission. i have no reason to steal this sign. i too have a huge hand painted sign on the front door of my space that costs hundreds of dollars, and i understand how painful it must be to have such a thing stolen.

    i got a phone call this morning that the cops came to our place of business and searched for the sign!!!?? i had to cut my trip short and rushed back from san diego to take care of this.

    if you know me, you know that i am always willing to help in any situation.

    i saw that you tried to contact me through flickr but since we have it on auto pilot i never need to login to see if i have messages.

    i got an email from armand at mission local when this went up, and i told him that i would notify all my people to help me figure this out. which i have done and no response. i have been back and forth between sd and la on photo assignment which is why i havent commented.

    i will keep searching, but please understand that i, ray potes, am not a thief.


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