David Ireland – 1930-2009

D.I. 1930-2009.

An anonymous tipster has informed us that David Ireland, famous for his conceptual art and turning his former residence at 500 Capp St. into a showplace for his work, has passed away: “Yesterday, I was on my way to vote, when I noticed a bouquet of flowers outside the house, with a note that read ‘D.I. 1930-2009.'”

For the record, there are no news sources corroborating the tip; however, his wikipedia entry has been updated with the news.

Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

7 thoughts on “David Ireland – 1930-2009”

  1. great artist and neighborhood fixture.

    i hope the do something great with the building.

    shame it takes the death of an artist to move such things forward.


  2. David passed away at 1 a.m. on Monday, May 18, 2009. RIP, David: You were an inspiration and mentor to generations of artists.

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