SFPD: On the Mr. Pickles Case

pixelfairy provides us with an amazing update on the Mr. Pickle’s case:

Mr. Pickle Update

Talked to a police officer today while I was stopped at the light in front of MrPickle. I asked if they were looking for Mr Pickle.

me: “You guys looking for Mr Pickle :)”

officer: “Yes, we are.”

me: “I saw him on flickr”

officer: “Yeah, we checked that out.”

me: “and…”

officer: nothing.

me: “maybe he’s free-basing dill under the bridge”

officer: no reaction

me: “actually, I think he’s a runaway. He’s probably in México, on the beach.”

officer: “yeah, the sombrero.”

light turns green, we smile, I ride up 20th …thinking about Mr. Pickle on the beach in México.

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4 Comments on “SFPD: On the Mr. Pickles Case”

  1. […] Things are a bit quiet today. However, there is an update on the Mr. Pickle case from pixelfairy, which has an SFPD patrol officer stating that they are on the case (srsly?) via Mission Mission. […]

  2. generic Says:

    No Arrests Have Been Made.

  3. Gunar Says:

    I think it was the lure of the wild fennel beneath the bridges. Dill with attitude. He is probably in Eastern Europe with the other eurotrash spices….

  4. […] this point someone from The Mission bumped into the police. They found out the Police had looked into the photo on Flickr, but had not gotten any […]

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