A Segment for “Real Sex” Being Filmed in The Mission

HBO Live Sex Mission

An anonymous tipster pointed us towards ShazamSF’s Twitter Feed, who is currently livetweeting about HBO filming a segment for “Real Sex” in a Mission district building.

From Wikipedia:

Real Sex explores human sexuality, from the latest sexual fads to casual sex festivals and home production of pornographic movies. The show typically explores three to four topics each episode. Segments are separated by street interviews with random people, relating to the episode’s topics. (link)

With Kink at the Knockout and Box Dog Bikes recently being propositioned as a set, it sounds like the Mission might be turning into the porn hotbed of SF.

Rumormonger: Mission Loc@l has Hired a “Fashion” Writer

The Webby-Award Winning web-journalism startup, Mission Loc@l, has “hired” a “fashion writer” for this fall, according to a source.  The only details that we have is that it a female student straight out of undergrad, which is apparently rare for Berkeley J-School.  There was some speculation that this might have been a demographic hire, but we cannot confirm that at this time.

Our source adds: “The mission needs a fashion blogger like it needs a google map of bike stores

Hello, Tenderblog

There is a new neighborhood blog in town, this on hailing from the rough streets of the Tenderloin.  Meet Tenderblog.

“Yeah, it’s dirty. It’s grungy. There are people shooting up/ defecating/ begging/ sleeping accross the sidewalk/ not showering in plain daylight. There are hookers out in the open. There are dealers on the corners.”

Hell yes.  The Tenderloin is nothing but endless fodder for the chaos.  I cannot wait to see how this blog develops.