10 thoughts on “Mission High’s Green Prom”

  1. Bicycles and prom clothes are not the best mix. They should’ve have held a Green Depression Prom, and hired unemployed people to ride the stage-powering bikes.

  2. i think that’s totally cool. good message, good ideas, good lesson.

    wtf could be snark-attracting about this?

    1. hmmph. that one worked. well anyhow, i was trying to comment that City Insider scooped this story today with no credit or link to MissionMission. what gives?

  3. Hello! I am a magazine writer. I am writing an article on 2009 Green Proms. I would love to speak with one of the students who helped make this prom green. Thank you so much!! You can email me at judie dot hurtado at gmail dot com.

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