Mission Loc@l Unveils New Fashion Blog

An update of the rumor we posted about regarding Mission Loc@l’s new Fashion blogger:

So we’re finally coming out with it and putting the rumors to rest. Mission Loc@l is starting a new fashion feature. But she’s not an undergraduate as some have reported. It’s Mission Loc@l’s Shalwah Evans, a denizen of Brooklyn who knows more about styles, trends and asking for bargains than anyone we know. How do you do it? You just ask, she says, explaining that she ALWAYS asks for a discount. (link)

Don’t worry Mai, we still love Fashionist.

Emotional Arousal in the Mission


Brittney Gilbert over at Eye on Blogs stumbled across a pretty cool Emotion Map of San Francisco.

Christian Nold, the designer of the project, briefly detailed what went into making the map:

The San Francisco Emotion Map is the culmination of Christian Nold’s five-week residency and participatory art project that involved a total of 98 participants exploring San Francisco’s Mission District neighborhood using the Bio Mapping device he invented. During his residency at Southern Exposure, Christian Nold worked in the organization’s Mission Street storefront gallery encouraging visitors to stop by and use the devices during the weekdays and on Saturdays when he conducted intensive workshops. The project invited the public to go for a walk using the device, which records the wearer’s physiological response to their surroundings. The results of these walks are represented on this map using colored dots and participant’s personal annotations. The San Francisco Emotion Map is a collective attempt at creating an emotional portrait of a neighborhood and envisions new tools that allow people to share and interpret their own bio data. (link)

(Credit Eye on Blogs)