18th St. Gentrification in 1,000 Words

I love Fashionist but I just cannot resist:



Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

18 thoughts on “18th St. Gentrification in 1,000 Words”

  1. I don’t feel unloved. When I was editing these photos, I was like, well, maybe no one will mention it… (Silly me.) :)

    1. what makes this person a hipster?

      she’s standing outside of a dyke-run cafe, on what might be the most bougie street in the mission so a number of subgroups come to mind, but hipster is not one of them.

      i know its fun to blame all of SF’s ills on either muni or hipsters, but I’m not getting that here…

  2. Whatever, no complaints or snarkiness here about Mai’s blog. First, it’s loaded with cute girls! Second, it’s nice to see somebody with a genuine passion enjoying themselves and sharing it in a thoughtful way.


    1. @Cranky Old Mission Guy: Why is it annoying? Not judging, just curious. I get annoyed by busloads of people getting dropped off for mural tours because the buses stink.

      1. I guess the key word in my comment (which was intended as ranty humor) is “backyard”. On the one hand, it really does annoy me to walk out my back door (you know, the wooden staircase outside the enclosed former porch) and see (and HEAR) some doofy photog giving detailed instructions to a bored model almost every weekend for an hour or so. On the other hand (and would it really be Mission humor without another hand?), though, it almost seems like a huge fringe benefit to watch idiots being idiots from the comfort of my own home. If only there were enough room for a lawn chair and a side table for my drink.

  4. I appreciate this post. I don’t have anything against Fashionist, clothes are just not my thing. But this kind of helps me make sense of it all.

  5. I kinda dig that site too, lots of representation of potentially cute girls who somehow think that “tit-curtains” are flattering on them… what’s next, a big black drape over their bodies?

    Fashion boggles my fuckin mind…

  6. Full disclosure- I have no sense of style at all (just ask my fiance). My wardrobe is purely functional and I’m probably the squarest looking dork you’ll see walking around the hood.

    That said, I do really like the general mix of style I see everyone else sporting around the Mission. And I think Charles helped me figure out why. I think what I like is that a lot of people are wearing what _they_ like and it shows in their general manner. They could give a shit if CN thinks they are “potentially cute”. And I think that’s great.

    Really, if you want to see a bunch of desperate souls squeezing themselves into soulless, expensive clothing born to do nothing but attract your lusty gaze…. well the Marina is just a ride on the 49 away.

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