Pizza + Beer + A Transcendental Number = Pi Bar

"Oh, you're so witty."
"Oh, you're soo witty."

It looks like “Pi Bar” will soon be filling the space left by Suriya Thai.

“I got an odd letter in the mail today, informing me that a new alcohol purveyor was opening on my street. Well, sure, I’ll take another one of those! Reading further I found out that this new establishment will be called Pi Bar and is setting up shop at 1432 Valencia—also known as the space where Suriya Thai used to be.” (link)

Outrage Machine: If you feel like getting all riled up, the uppity Vegans over at vegansaurus! are already lobbying the owners to introduce some Vegan options.  Eh, I personally think people should call for them to repaint the awesome elephant that was formerly outside the building.  Or, you know, eat Zantes.

(hat tip vegansaraus!)

Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

16 thoughts on “Pizza + Beer + A Transcendental Number = Pi Bar”

    1. Just for the record- I wasn’t trying to be uppity or outraged. I was just trying to make a bad math joke. And failed. I honestly hope Pi bar is a great success and becomes a good option for pi and pitchers.

      1. Crap, I totally missed that – nicely done.

        I will match your bad math joke with a horrific pun.

        SURIYA PI!

        AHHH HA Ha ha (ha.)

  1. Another pizza place? Entirely inappropriate.

    Got to give Clooney’s credit for persisting in alcoholic grime as a charter school, an art gallery, a gourmet cookie place and now another concept restaurant engulfs its territory.

  2. If they want to differentiate themselves, MAKE SLICES, for the love of god.

    The last decent slice I liked here were those individual mini-pizzas at Cybelle’s on 24th but those are long gone.

  3. This is good news. More pizza is always good news, but this will help Anthony’s Cookies out as well – since it will bring more foot traffic.

  4. Because all new local businesses are bad because they weren’t here when we moved here x,y or z years ago.

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