Update: Biker Down

Time for the haters to hang their heads in shame.  Rachel, the girlfriend of the cyclist we mentioned who got taken out a couple of days ago, fills in the details:

This was my boyfriend, I was riding in front of him.

We had lights on our bikes, were in the bike lane, single file and as far to the left as possible in the middle of the block riding north on Valencia.

I passed this parked car, she zoomed out after me and my boyfriend hit her front tire and went flying.

He suffered multiple facial fractures, some stitches and a bruised shoulder and is damn lucky.  He also doesn’t have insurance so there’s that.  Probably the worst part of it was being stuck in the emergency room of SFGH for 15 hours.

Thanks for the words of concern and those who realise that it is not always the bikers that disobey traffic laws that get hit. (link)