Bike Racks: B-Sides and Rarities

A reader, Sophia, emailed us this scene from 17th and Albion:

“two hot mission wheels lovingly tied to a shared post to derail theft”


Meanwhile, eviloars spotted a tourist-transporter locked up on Valencia:

“I guess that makes perfect sense. And in the future, since we’ll all have this, I’ll forget why I decided to point it out.” (link)


Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

4 thoughts on “Bike Racks: B-Sides and Rarities”

  1. OMG. There is NOTHING that makes me crazier than those new fucking “hip” moped things on city bike racks. I seriously consider tipping them every time I see one. Listen douche-bags: just because your shitty, polluting, noisy-ass “bike” has pedals doesn’t mean it’s a fucking bike. Ugh!

  2. Greg: That’s not one in that photo, but there are actually ‘electric bikes’ (sneer)– which are legally allowed to 1) be in the bike lane (grrr) and 2) allowed to lock to a bike rack (double grrr)… it’s California Vehicle Code… but it is technically legal and those are not actually tailpipe pollution or noisy, but I’ll give you– still annoying as hell.

  3. also that thing’s not a moped, it’s a scooter. also it doesn’t have pedals (mopeds have pedals, scooters don’t), and also it’s not new. and also that’s not a city bike rack, it’s a parking sign.

    maybe you weren’t talking specifically about that photo though, in which case, yeah, it also drives me crazy when people park scooters and mopeds in bicycle spaces. i drive a scooter myself sometimes (and a bicycle other times), and they are easy to park on the street even in the busiest neighborhoods. don’t tip them though, that’s awful.

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