Young Pigeons Napping in the 24th Mission BART Station

Young Pigeons 24th St. Mission
"Where's Swoops?"

Today BART passengers were busy checking out these young pigeons napping in the 24th St. Mission station.  While the picture does not do them complete justice, these rats birds were small and were not bothered by people getting close to them.

I was pretty interested as to why I had never seen young pigeons ever before.  Apparently adult pigeons feed their babies until they are nearly adult size, so they rarely leave the nest prior to becoming full size.

Cool Kid Flu

Aaron Mayfield-Sunshine mentioned something about this in the comments of another post, so we asked for more details. Here they are:

going around the cool kid community is some totally gnarly flu- it could be swine flu, or kangaroo flu or regular flu, who knows. ground zero was a bridez show at el rincon, we think, because everyone was sneaking alcohol in, and sharing drinks and getting sloppy, and so who knows how many flu bugs jumped from person to person. The upshot is anyone who wants to avoid being sick needs to avoid cool kids and there events for at least another week while the virus burns out.

Heard that? Stay away from cool kids! Thanks, Aaron!

Locals Night at Blowfish

I’m not sure what “flash a 94110 zip code” means, but you have to give them credit for reaching out to Mission residents.


Update: Our BFFs over at the Appeal worked their journalistic magic and came back with a thorough explanation of the above: What Do You Mean, “Flash,” Blowfish Sushi?

Update  II: Apparently the back of the flyer advertises $3 pints for locals on Mondays.  Did you hear that?  That’s like the same price you would pay anywhere else!