10 thoughts on “Critical Mass Was A Gas”

  1. Nah some dumbass likes to bring a US flag to burn – he’s been doing that for several months now. He must have bought a crate of flags on ebay or something.

    1. At a CM right after Obama’s inauguration, some folks tried to tell the guy that now that Obama’s in office, flag burning isn’t cool. They were actually being pretty aggressive with him, but he didn’t back down. Just smiled and burned his flags, explaining that he’d been doing it forever and it wasn’t about partisanship but rather FREEDOM.

      1. That reminds me of a friend who complained that she still had to take off her shoes at the airport to go though the metal detector. “Don’t they know we have a new president and it’s no longer necessary?”

      2. Though I disagree with the flag burning, I like this guy’s attitude. The idea that one should stop burning the flag because Obama was elected is pretty retarded; it suggests a deep confusion about the difference between patriotism and partisanship.

      3. Actually, I remember that guy and the aggression. I think he explained himself by saying something like, “Fuck You! My people were here long before all you white immigrants came from Europe, took over and turned this land into a country with a flag!”

      4. You guys know that the official way to dispose of a flag is to burn it, right? Also, I found that pathfinder shirt in a thrift store in Ohio in like 2000. I wonder if this guy got it from wherever I sold it back to.

  2. The douche factor ruined CM years ago. Now if they put the naked guy in a porta potty, set it on fire and pushed the whole thing down California Street to the strains of a Wagner Opus, I might be convinced to ride again…

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