Tartine Bakery Featured in New iPhone Television Ad

iPhone Ad, Tartine

Apparently the advertising department at Apple enjoys Tartine Bakery & Cafe.  I just hope they never get hip to Bender’s.

(link – Thanks Karen!)

Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

6 thoughts on “Tartine Bakery Featured in New iPhone Television Ad”

  1. I noticed this, too.

    Guys, believe it or not, they are already hip to Bender’s. The people who made the ad are the same ones you see walking around the Mission, buying those new condos, etc. It’s not like Bender’s is some huge Mission secret.

  2. heh. it’s the mission itself that’s no secret.

    while there’s always carpetbaggers in a hip hood, some of those folks have been in the mission – and buying property – forever.

    some of them moved here under the most “legitimate” circumstances…like, they were poor, start-out creative types, and then they worked hard, and then they got some money, and they love their neighborhood, and so they stretched and strived (and maybe went broke) to buy a place in it.

    funny how that story is a negative one in the mission.

    1. Yeah, some probably did do that. good for them. that story isn’t negative.

      I think what people react negatively to is that most of the people in the newly built condos weren’t from the neighborhood. And their arrival has changed the Mission in ways they don’t like.

      I don’t know that they have a point, cities evolve and you can’t stop progress etc.., but it is annoying that the people who live in Chelsea Gardens give me the stink eye when I’m going home from playing basketball at Dolores Park.

      1. fair points.

        better or worse those folks ARE “from the hood” now.

        my view, an inclusive, current & relevant voice in the hood can bridge a lot of these issues. one needs to respect the past AND the future…otherwise, one is just jibber-jabbering in a vacuum (something i know a thing or two about).

  3. The saddest part about Tartine is that I live so close, and yet it is always so packed that I rarely work up the gumption to stand in that GD line, with the exception of weekdays but since I’m an office slave I can’t really swing it. I so so wish they would just have a dude selling straight croissants at the door.

    What really is pissing me off though is those new shits on Valencia btwn 18th and 19th ruining my f’ing roof view. I used to be able to see the whole of downtown now I can’t see barely anything.

    As for the stink eyers, one can only hope that they get a literal stink eye when they accidentally step on one of those shit bags so thoughtfully left between cars.

  4. maybe Tartine could actually have a “to go” window for the locals, and hell, while we are wishing, sell frakking bread in the morning like EVERY OTHER BAKERY IN THE WORLD!

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