Hit + Run, Followed by 4-Car Accident at 23rd and Capp


According to multiple witnesses on the scene, a male in the white SUV (pictured below) was speeding away from an accident at Capp and 25th when he slammed into 4 vehicles at 23rd.  Allegedly, after he crashed into the first vehicle, he proceeded to back his truck up and speed off going north on Capp.  After hitting a green light at 24th, he spotted a police cruiser and opted to blow through the intersection at 23rd St (in an attempt to evade the officer?).  The red SUV, attempting to avoid him, hit the side of his vehicle and then slammed into a telephone pole.  This caused the white SUV to lose control and go right into a parked BMW sedan, resulting in the SUV flipping through the air and landing on front of the hood of another parked sedan.



Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

15 thoughts on “Hit + Run, Followed by 4-Car Accident at 23rd and Capp”

  1. I just walked by this and was wondering how so many cars got destroyed at a 4 way stop. Thanks for the play by play.

  2. That poor SUV driver. He was just trying to hit and run and then all those gentrifiers and their parked cars got in his way. I bet he’s having a bad day.

  3. so according to mission local the guy was in his 60s and ‘looked drunk’ (gee, I hope I’m not adding to internet fueled wild speculation).

    Hope everyone is okay. that is a little too much excitement.

    1. Yeah, he definitely looked drunk. Then again, everyone looks a little drunk after a car-crash. Have you ever been in one before? Your nerves are shot for a solid hour.

  4. This looks like something kind of awesome to have watched happen, straight out of the movies. Like that old show the Streets of San Francisco or an Eastwood film or something.

  5. ugh. horrible. hope everyone’s OK and that the responsible party faces appropriate retribution. hit & run, possible dui…very un-neighborly.

    and, i think the little jokes about “gentrifier on gentrifier” violence are funny. jeez, there’s practically no difference between 23rd & Capp and 23rd & noe. i mean, it’s like, exactly the same, with all the gentrification.

    oh, also…capp street, my capp street. so much to offer. the rich tapestry. sing it with me now.

  6. All these scofflaw Drivers– I can’t believe they want the same rights to the road as cyclists!!!

    Maybe if only they’d stop their nightly traffic jams and started wearing helmets and not running red lights & stop signs, we’d give them some respect…!

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