Orange Alley BBQ and Mural-Painting Party

This afternoon from 1-5pm, there’s a party in Orange Alley. The fine folks at Receiver are hosting:

We’ll have the grills going as well (meato, non-meato), so bring something to char and/or to drink! […]

Some reasons to come:

* Sunday will be the last weekend day to view Sarah Applebaum’s show “Soft Core”. Check it out before we take it down!
* Porous Walker (AKA Jimmy DiMarcellis) will be there painting up a mural.
* Kyle Ranson’s band, Pale Hoarse, will play a set.
* Charlie Callahan (that’s him up there working on his mural) might also be around playing some fine tunes.


Porous Walker and the Mavericks of Diarrhea

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