Pal’s Take Away Update


By the way, Pal’s Take Away now has outdoor seating (pictured above) AND is occasionally serving up Ryan Farr’s hotdogs (pictured above) AND is open on Saturdays now (pictured above) AND will be set up out front serving sliders for Sunday Streets on Sunday AND — AND — look at what’s on today’s menu:

Meat loaf club on a Pan De Mie Bun w/ Marin Sun meat,applewood bacon, pickled onions, heirloom tomato and BlueHeron greens

Meat loaf club? Bacon? Pan De Mie (you know, for Bastille Day)? I’m there.

P.S. And remember to follow them on Twitter.


Die Happy With Ryan Farr’s Hotdog in Your Mouth

2 thoughts on “Pal’s Take Away Update”

  1. That dog looks pretty damn good! I’ve never heard of Pal’s but I’m gonna have to check them out. Hopefully this place sparks a movement that’ll turn San Francisco into one of the nation’s hot dog capitals. That would be awesome!!

    Good post.

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