44 thoughts on “What Do You Do When There’s A Man Passed Out On Your Driveway? (Video)”

    1. Thanks Zizin, that is what I have done in the past with the same result you described. When it comes down to it you may be helping to save someone’s life.

  1. We are going through one of our periodic upticks in the idiotic of late. I always think its the hot weather, but Mission Station also seems a little detached these days — probably focusing on managing up to the new boss. My fave moment of the week? A huge garbage bag of confidential documents (among other things) from UCSF MEd Center accounts payable (right next to Taco Truck, if you’re curious where their bldg is) dumped streetside 1/2 block up Harrison. Probably dumped there by the same guy in the video. All sorts of interesting documents… account numbers, copies of checks, emails. Five courtesy calls and 20 hours later, it was still there, blowing in the wind. This is what makes me nervous about government run health care. Personal Data and govt. employees = drunk guy in charge of your garage access.

  2. here’s what you do:

    call 553-0123 and ask them to send paramedics. not cops.

    they come fast, and the dude will get the help he needs.

    they don’t arrest or lock him up, they just check him out and – at the very least – prop him up out of your driveway. usually they get him on his feet and moving, or they take him to SFG.

    last month we did so and it turns out the guy – acting exactly like this guy in the video – was having a stroke. so there ya go.

    that said, my personal opinion, i agree that posting this is kind of pointless. like we don’t see it every day anyways…

    1. or call the cops…who fucking cares. the guy’s probably drunk/hungover/coming down from some fucked up drugs. sober the fuck up idiot, and get out of my driveway. either way, it’s a waste of the paramedics’ and the cops’ time.

      1. The guy knows where you live. Perhaps doing the compassionate thing is not only the kind thing, but also the most practical. Many of these guys have outstanding warrants, or they’re illegal.

        Agreed he’s an asshole for being so inconsiderate of others. You live in the city though, so deal with it.

  3. @Stucco Sux I really don’t see how your comment has anything to do with the situation… And no I don’t think this video was to embarrass the guy passed out. What DO you do with someone blocking your driveway that you need to get into? You can’t just run him over. I don’t think kicking at his shoes is particularly effective, but I wouldn’t advocate bending down and jostling him either. Do you bother calling the police? Or do you keep yelling at him? I’m curious what the eventual outcome was.

    1. What I was noting was a recent uptick in bizarre behavior of late in the area. Passed out drunks & random acts of mess-making is only one example. A few more choice ones, just in the last week: 1) Man Goose Stepping up 18th, yelling “Sex and drugs are good!” over and over. 2) Lady weaving in traffic on 18th, jumping out of her SUV and running into a car shop, being chased back out, getting back in her SUV and continuing the weaving. 3) Hookers waving at cars in groups of two and three, on 18th between Mission and Valencia, at 11 AM (rare in that block) 4) Hooker giving guy head in parked car on 18th at So. Van Ness at 3 in the afternoon, right in front of the church…. like I said, I think the warm weather gets people acting out.

    1. haaa you’re right – the answer to what you should do when there’s a man passed out on your driveway is – take a GOOD HARD LOOK in the mirror and ask yourself if he’s your first priority.

    2. i agree max…socks and sandals are worse than the vortex of warm moist piss stink that lingers on San Carlos at 19th.

    3. socks-n-flipflops: seriously, all other comments are superseded by this one. it’s like, 42. it answers all questions.

      If any issues escape that black hole, ‘that other car is going to hit your shopping cart’ should be sufficient.

  4. this dude is just plain old borrach. kick him a few times, then call the cops. or I like Kanon08’s suggestion: hose him down.

  5. has anyone else gotten a load of the rest of this person’s painfully boring and magically disappointing videos…

  6. Oh boo hoo. The poor drunk. Cops or paremedics. Your choice. But for chrissakes, bring him to the attention of the authorities and get him removed from, not even blocking your driveway, practically committing a 602L.

    1. I doesn’t take being sympathetic to a drunk to question the taste level of posting the video. I too deal with this all the time and am quick to call authorities to not only help the “drunk” but protect myself as well.

  7. This guy passes out in my drive too. You can do the right thing by calling the number posted earlier or you can do what I do, yell at the fucker to move on, and they do. The problem with this couple is they did neither, the right thing, or the yelling. They just calmly asked the guy to move. This guy is on a week long bender, he’s had at least a couple short pints of popov immediately before he crashed in the drive. He can’t respond to a quiet “please move”, he only hears loud yelling, plus he doesn’t speak English so you have to say fuck a lot because he understands that. But “your blocking the drive”? please it might as well be gibberish

    1. In addition to ‘fuck’ bet he also understands ‘taco’. Stand partially behind a car and point to the taco you’re holding, mysteriously, behind the front bumper and beckon (also internationally understood, the beckon) him over. Works every god-damn time, I swear.

      1. Dana if you’re going to make remarks like that at least don’t be a pussy about it. Register your handle chicken shit, so I can find you a whap you upside the head with my giant taco.

  8. On today’s episode of Kurrage Kronicles, Erika Kansas and her sidekick Captain Madras von Flippisox take a safari–in their DRIVEWAY!! Everyone loves nature, as long as it stays in the zoo where it belongs…

    “Hunny, that was CRAY-ZEE. I’m ginna send it to that website. Seriously, shid I?”

    “Yeah, Babe.”

  9. Hi “Krissy!” You’re boyfriend is wearing socks with flip-flops! Welcome to the Mission and thanks for taking the time to post an utterly uneventful video!

    1. Oh James, you’ve been here for 2 months are you’re already part of the beautiful self-aggrandizing fabric of the SF community.

      Kris, next time take a hose to the guy and then turn it to all the lame ass people who take the time to watch your shit.

  10. Ewwww… I’d rather deal with a drunk passed out than the majority of the racist, classist posters here.

  11. Can any one post comments here or only assholes who think they’re amazingly awesome. Based on what’s already been posted I can’t tell.

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