Popeye’s Pandemonium

carlos reyes popeyes

Carlos Reyes peeped the scene earlier this evening. Cheap chicken? Hot jobs? Link (and beware the autoplay).


Bonafide Chicken at Popeye’s by Zoe Stagg

9 thoughts on “Popeye’s Pandemonium”

    1. how much does one of their terrible slices cost normally?

      2$ for a slice doesn’t sound like a door-busting deal.

  1. This is also known as white do-gooder day taking your homeless friend for a hot meal on 99 cent Tuesday. Avoid the bus lines near these locations because they stink.

    1. So, only white people help out the homeless? What’s the motivation for your snark? Should these “do-gooders” not give a hungry person a hot meal?

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