Ribity in Berlin

ribity berlin 1

Our good buddy Edward from b e r l i n ‘ just spotted something unreal: Ribity in Berlin! Edward fills us in:

Came across this tag in Charlottenburg. […] More to come as we find them.

By the way, German frogs say “QUACK”= quackity.

On a not entirely unrelated note, did I mention my favorite German brand name? Not “Froggy”, or “Froglet”, just plain “FROG” brand detergent.

Quack! Ha!

ribity berlin 2

Detergent pic after the jump. Thanks, Edward!


Relaxed Attitude Toward Graffiti in a Dolores-Like Park in Berlin

Berlin-SF Neighborhoods Map Mashup

Mission-Style Burritos in Berlin


3 thoughts on “Ribity in Berlin”

  1. Wow, it’s so great that our local douchebag vandals are taking their mad penmanship skills on the road.

    Don’t come back.

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