Sexpigeon Muni Shirts For Sale Tonight!

sexpigeon muni shirts

Word on the street is that these gorgeous garments will be for sale at the merch table at tonight’s Casiotone for the Painfully Alone concert at Bottom of the Hill. Why? Unclear.

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13 Comments on “Sexpigeon Muni Shirts For Sale Tonight!”

  1. Eric Says:

    I made my own Muni shirt, because I’m too cool for these.

    • suckerpunch Says:


      I had the same idea (to make my own)

      • Eric Says:

        Don’t have any pictures. It’s just black with a Muni logo.

        I was also thinking of doing an “I (heart) NY” type shirt, with the next “I (muni) SF.” Where the (muni) is the round Muni logo, of course.

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  3. grafiksgirl Says:

    Those are totally rad Allan…any idea on how much?

  4. kai Says:

    Certainly picked the right show at which to sell them…

  5. johnny0 Says:

    I want a 26 Valencia shirt!

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  7. bonita bohemian Says:

    22 Fillmore is probably the most consistently entertaining bus ride for me….someone should make a short documentary film about the 22, like can you hide video cameras on the bus without being super obvious….hmmmmm…..

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