Portrait Paste Update!

Portrait Paste Update
Saved! This wall is diligently buffed, but this time somebody decided to save it. Not sure who made the call, but it’s pretty neat.

Original post.

7 thoughts on “Portrait Paste Update!”

    1. Besides our obvious disagreement about art and vandalism, I want to clarify that in this post I was pointing out the fact that whoever paints over the tags on this wall seemed to agree with me that the portrait was worth saving. I just find it really interesting that someone would go out there to paint over the whole wall, obviously not happy with it being written on, but then paint around one piece.

  1. it’s funny, most of these that i’ve seen have been saran wrapped, not pained. i thought it was nice that they were using their own materials and then hanging them up instead of vandalizing. guess that’s not the case.

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