Dynamo Donuts Fryer Shits the Bed

Dynamo Donuts Fryer Broke?!?!

Okay, we all hope they get their fryer fixed soon.  However, more important than their ability to make donuts is this question: will they start selling a vegan version of their famed “Bacon Maple Donut”?  Man, I hope so.

UPDATE (Wednesday morning): Everything’s back on track. Go get some donuts!

Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

17 thoughts on “Dynamo Donuts Fryer Shits the Bed”

    1. i had friends who bought one of those in college for thanksgiving, in central illinois. not just for the south! after the turkey, we tried to fry ice cream in it.

      1. amen brother! First time I had it was my one and only T-giving in Antarctica. It was a revelation.

      2. I KNOW! Hey kids, how about Dynamo Donuts & Fried Turkey? Just sayin. Lapidgeon (is that French, for Pidgeon?) I would be deathly afraid to heat up a turkey fryer in Antarctica. It just seems like the reverse image of a snowball in hell.

    1. yeah! too bad…. for whom?

      (i wish there were a vegan alternative to tits! I CANT HAZ FLESH IN MY MOUTHS!)

  1. WTF y’all… vegan bacon?

    What’s next, tofu made from beef or chicken setan or shrimp…

    Make up your damn minds people…

    1. No it’s not. It’s meat. It tastes good. But why get all fetishistic about it? The bacon-love is sort of creepy.

  2. One has to think that all this vegan flavor reproducing technology will one day be used to flavor the soylent green like bacon.

  3. No shit JP.

    The whole “taste just like bacon!” nonsense is laughable and sad at the same time…

    I will say this, there’s no joy like converting a veg’ back over to meat slowly thru the miracle of cured, smoked pork product. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

    Keep being awesome!

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