23 thoughts on “Dolores Park Palms Look Like Gang of Street Toughs”

      1. I think palm trees stink this far north and our taxes should be spent on redwoods instead of these L.A. looking civic trees. Palms are only indigenous to Palm Springs and the desert area (I could be wrong, but that’s what I read on a plaque there in that tourist canyon palm park near town). Keep it Bay at the old Jewish cemetery. Take that. Fuck you too.

      1. whatever Bjorn…the beauty of this climate is the beauty of plant diversity. You can hate the palm, but more and more species of palm are being introduced to our lovely bar area…and I’m stoked! Cause I luv palms…but not your palm bjorn.

        and thanks for the pic and appreciation brian.


  1. Palms (and you can correct me if I’m wrong, or I guess I could go check it out on my own but fugg it) have a root system that goes straight down and can be planted in confined and small spaces. Their roots won’t bust up the surrounding sidewalk like other trees and they take very little water.
    If you wanted it look a little more indigenous the redwood is all wrong. The remarkable lack of trees in SF can be attributed to the fact that much of the city was once rolling sand dunes.

  2. Almost nothing and no one here is indigenous (don’t go all FN on me cause my wife, kids an a brother are FN)I just feel personally that Palms look SoCal..I’m sure they must make sense in the civic garden. Im a spaz I might talk shit…it’s the internet and we’re at work on the bosses dime. If you are doing this on your free time, well, then…I’m sorry. Power to the Dunes and hug all trees. Bust up all sidewalks and yell anarchy. Wild root balls.

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