Broke-Ass Brock

Yay! Today’s Broke-Ass Stuart Broke-Ass of the Week is Brock Keeling of SFist (and, thus, this is the best edition yet). Brock shouts out Bender’s (no surprise), offers up the notion that walking around downtown on the weekends can be fun (surprise), and supplies my new favorite answer to the question “Despite not having any money, do you still love your life?”

Broke-Ass of the Week: Brock Keeling of SFist

Photo by Brittney Gilbert.


Broke-Ass Laura

Broke-Ass Allan

3 thoughts on “Broke-Ass Brock”

  1. best edition yet? Laura’s was a guide. LiPo is such a dive they serve you in plastic cups. Also the plan b story is true. I think the main problem was trying to sell it in Noe Valley; should’ve stood outside the 23rd & Mission Walgreens, 10 to noon on a Saturday and Sunday. OH WELL.

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