Missing Elliott



From lost & found:

Lost Male Cat Orange Tabby, 14lbs, 8yrs old (mission district)

We are missing our cat so much. We have had him for 8 years and can’t imagine life without him. If you have seen him please give us a call at: 415-516-9031 or 650-228-4681

Name: Elliott
Age: 8years
Missing since: Friday 08-07-09 after 11pm
Weight: 14lbs
Color: mostly orange with white paws and belly

Elliott went missing near our house on Treat ave. between 21st and 22nd.

Link. Thanks, Cortney!

7 thoughts on “Missing Elliott

  1. :( I hope the kitty comes home soon. In my experience, those lil ones like to go on adventures and most times come back within a few days. I hope that is the case. Good luck to Eliot’s family.

  2. We’ve seen Elliot around our building (876 Treat), although we did not know his name. We haven’t seen him since last week, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled. Or our ears, rather, as our own cat makes an unmistakable gurgling sound whenever he’s nearby.


      our neighbors found him late last night and brought him home!

      we think he might have been scared off by a raccoon that has been eating from our apricot tree.

      THANK YOU so much to everyone! (especially cortney for getting this posted while i was out of the country having a meltdown!)


  3. Yay! Glad Elliott the Cutest was found. I had been keeping my eyes peeled for him, but was hopeful he’d return- I have known him to be out and about!

  4. oh, and I almost seem to remember him still having his hairballs? Perhaps a snip would cure him of his desire to wander? It’s not really safe out there for a kitty. Mine is indoors only- I love my sweet little apartment cat!

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