Pop-Up Thai/Vietnamese Brunch at Doc’s Clock


That’s right! Thai/Vietnamese Brunch! At Doc’s Clock for god’s sake! Mission Mission pal Linda L. has the rundown:

Heads up!
There is a new pop up eatery on Sunday’s at Doc’s Clock, a little enterprise called Three Papayas.

Thai / Vietnamese brunch. Cheap as all hell, only $8 an entree.
The menu changes every week but the Three Papayas Salad is always featured. All home made, all fresh ingredients!

Nice place to duck out of the sun, have a morning cocktail and eat.

Took the liberty of writing down last Sunday’s menu. You can friend them on Facebook for more info.

-Bunny Chao: South African Indian Curry
-Three Papaya Salad
-Pork Ramen
-Vietnamese Crepe (pork and Shrimp or vegetarian)

A couple of weeks ago they feature pork dumplings and Chicken Pho

Noon to 4pm

I can’t wait!

The first Yelp review adds that the enterprise is the brainchild of “underground superstar chef” Tawei, formerly of guerilla-ish operations at Yamo, Bender’s and Thee Parkside.

Update: Pork Ramen photo by tackyy.

9 thoughts on “Pop-Up Thai/Vietnamese Brunch at Doc’s Clock”

  1. I’ve had the Crepe, the Salad, and the Bunny Chao…and it’s all excellent! At the very least you will have an unusual eating experience, with large portions of food, friendly bartenders.

    1. 8 bucks for Tawei’s cooking is really cheap for something awesome. 8 bucks for something else is average for average.

    2. I think if you consider the portions and the way it’s presented. This shit looks super high end, tastes gourmet and is beautifully presented with little cups of sauces and loads of fresh cilantro, basil and all the whatnots.

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