Shark Week

shark week

Check it out, another Tumblr blog featuring cell phone pictures of weird shit on the streets of San Francisco. This one’s somewhat unimaginative name is SF Shots, and last week (Shark Week, appropriately enough) they came across this: a god damn shark draped across the top of a trash bin at 16th and Valencia.

8 thoughts on “Shark Week”

  1. Just another case of people buying something for a pet then dumping it when it gets too big and eats their Pug.

  2. I walked past a guy carrying the shark over his shoulder at around 19th and Valencia early Friday afternoon. I was giving a visiting friend from Britain a tour around the area at the time; there was some bemusement.

    I kinda assumed he had a plan for it though. Like a grill.

    1. Ben, we had one of those moments over the weekend. We passed this tough guy and noted it, then later saw him in handcuffs for trying to hijack some guy’s car. I am always mildly disturbed when it all reconnects that way. I would rather let the past stay there.

  3. my friends and i DEFINITELY saw a dude walking down 16th at south van ness on friday carrying a shark that looked suspiciously like this one… so unless there were two people carrying dead sharks around the mission, this is it

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